About Queenie

Hi Y'all! I'm Ashley! 

Let me introduce you to my wonderful family....

My husband, LT.

My Stepson, Luke.

And of course my 4 babies....
Emmy Lou
Buddy Ray


 Yes, I know. We have a house full! :)

I named my blog, Queenie because LT jokingly called me Queenie one day and it kind of stuck as my nickname from him. Neither one of know when it started and if you ask him why, he says, "because she's a queenie." I choose to believe it's endearing even if it's a little sarcastic.

"About me" is such a hard subject because each day develops who I am. I am always open minded to learning and experiencing new things.  The things I know for sure are that I am a Christ follower,  I love my family, and I am passionate about animals.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by.