Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dinner made by Luke

I know I need to post about my vacation in the Keys but I'm too tired tonight. I promise it will be posted soon!

We have Luke for a 4 day weekend since this is his last week before school starts. He loves to help cook dinner. It's really a great way for he and I to hang out. I just love it!

LT bought me a box of Kid Friendly recipes when we first started living together. Luke loves to flip through all the recipe cards and pick out what dinner and desserts he likes to make. Tonight we made Pizza Pasta Bake which calls for cheese, peperoni and beef. No problemo! Thank goodness for Lightlife products and soy cheese.

Luke had no clue! =)

He did most of the work!

Well the dish turned out really well. I know it is super processed but when you have a 6 yr old who hates veggies and me being vegan, you have to improvise. He told me he didn't like onions and I was like, "well I bought the kind that don't taste like anything." Ha ha. Lol! He went for it! Yay. He ate whole wheat pasta, tomatos and onions. I'm happy! I tried to get him to eat a smoothie with a banana for dessert and that was not gonna fly with him. Ok so I wont push my luck.

Well that's all for tonight. Zzzzzz...


  1. Tasteless onions!! That is classic! I'm looking forward to the day he's older and we can all tease him about this one! Good job getting him to eat some veggies. =)

  2. Lol Ang... I was thinking the same thing, why didn't I think of that years ago. Chris hates onions... may have to try that one on him!

    Ashley, you two working on dinner in the kitchen are some priceless memories and great times indeed. I just hope he doesn't pull out the bbq ribs or mac 'n cheese cards from his box next time... but I have no doubt you will be as clevor as always ;)

  3. David loves those exact same pepperoni's. Very cool you getting him to eat veggies. God Bless.