Friday, August 13, 2010


I woke up feeling really good! Work should go by pretty quickly and then we have volleyball with friends tonight. =) I am super exceited to be playing again. Back home, in Dallas, I was playing vball 2-5 times per week. Indoor, sand, grass and pool. It was so much fun. I got pretty rusty over the last 2 1/2 years, which could explain the 3 lost games (again!) on Tuesday, but I can feel that I am getting back into it pretty quickly. Plus, I don't think I am the weakest link but I wont go there. ;)
I have a few exercises I need to start doing in order to jump higher. I'm not sure what they are called, probably something like "Hamstring Hell" or "Butt Beating" but basically you jump into a lunge and the jump straight up and swich your legs into a reverse lunge. Trust me, it hurts. My goal is to work up to 2 sets of 10, which is recommended by a girl on my team who learned this move playing vball in college.
Tonight is all about hanging out and having fun. Everyone brings a cooler and we listen to music. Maybe even go out afterwards. Totally looking forward to it!
Tomorrow is pretty much wide open, which I love. We get to do whatever we want. I know our good friends, Victoria and Dominic want to go with us to Beer Fest at Morton's Gourmet Grocery in Sarasota. That should be a lot of fun. Basically it's a beer tasting instead of a wine tasting. They have crazy stuff like blueberry beer and pumpkin beer.

Here is a picture of us at Beer Fest 2009. We made it into the paper because the reporter girl has a crush on LT. She's gone up to him 3 times saying, "You look like superman, he he. (insert big goofy smile with a little eye batting)." I don't mind though, it got me in the paper 3 times too.
I want to do something active tomorrow. Maybe ride bikes on the Legacy trail near the intercoastal or walk the Sarasota Bay bridge. I wish I was brave enough to swim laps in the ocean. Not even close to doing that yet. Sharks!!

Sunday is church and then possibly hang out with Ricky and Ang. They have some friends in town that I knew when I was little. I don't remember much about them but that should be fun. They are true Texans and it's always nice to be around that. I miss Texas! OOOOHHHHH! Great news. My Dad is coming to visit me. Soon! Sometime in September. I am so excited. Haven seen him since Christmas time. LT has not met my Mom or my Dad or any of my family except my sis Hayley. Well, that's not true... Ricky, who is my 2nd Dad, lives here and we hang out with him and Ang all the time. They are definitely family.

Ah... such an amazing weekend ahead.

I wanted to post what I made for dinner last night...

My plan was to make Peach Pizzas since my basil is growing like crazy! I've already made it twice in the last 2 weeks and I still can't keep the basil trimmed. LT and I love some Peach Pizzas! Yum!

So I have my pretty basil in the Food Processor. Somehow the next step ended up like....

LT called and said he wanted to surprise me with dinner. =)
He got Vegan Red Curry, Thai Hot, with brown rice and Vegan Pad Thai, Mexican Hot. He's a spice wimp. Kiss babe!

It was nice not to have to cook. Dinner was delish and of course I love when LT surprises me.

We watched our Netflix movie "Daybreakers." Creepy, not scary, but great movie. I love vampire, zombie and warewolf movies. Does that make me weird? I blame my Dad! He always let me watch scary movies when I was little.  I also blame Michael Jackson. "Caused it's a thriller, thriller night, Cause no ones going to save you from the Beast about to strike".... humming the song still. Love it! Miss MJ's music. Too bad he got so strange. =(

Well, I am running late to work now. Best get a move on. Hugs!


  1. Love this post! You had me giggling and smiling all the way through... even laughing at you quoting Thriller and blaming poor Mr. Jackson for your scary movie addiction ha ha!! You are too cute!

    Looks like you had a great night Thursday... hope your weekend is even better! *Hugs*

  2. "butt beaters"...LOL. I'm with Tamara, David finally asked me what I was laughing about.

    Did I miss the recipe post for "Peach Pizza"? Sounds delicious. Mmm.

    Vegan Pad I'm hungry.