Monday, August 9, 2010

Island Hopping

Finally I am posting about my trip to the Keys. We had a lot of fun but honestly I would not go for 4 or 5 days. I think a long weekend in Key West would be fun. Luckily we were with great friends, otherwise it might not have been as fun.

Ang and I are very excited to get our vacations started!
Ricky and Ang!

We stopped along the way at Islamorada to enjoy the best Margarita ever made!
We got our "southernmost point" pic. =)
Margaritaville. The margaritas came close to the ones we had in Islamorda.
Pizza joint.
LT is so sweet. Incase you can't read it... "May the sunrise greet our love and may it never see a sunset." =)
I'm using a scary staple gun to secure our $1 to the wall.
Buddy! We met this cute guy right before going snorkeling.
Sporting a neon yellow life jacket.
Ricky and Ang thoroughly enjoyed the snorkeling. I think they were the last on the boat. LOL!
My sexy man!
Beautiful Sunset at Mallory Square
Hemingway House -the first swimming pool in Key West and the only pool within 100 miles in the late 30's. Pauline Hemingway (2nd of 4 wives) spent $20,000 (the house only cost $8000) to have the deep well-fed pool built for her husband, while he was away as a Spanish Civil War correspondent in 1938. When Hemingway returned, he was reportedly unpleasantly surprised by the cost, and exclaimed: "Well, you might as well have my last cent." ...
...This penny is embedded in concrete today near the pool.
Our good friends, Jen and Brian were on a cruise that stopped at Key West so we got to hang out with them for a little while.
Sunset at our resort.
We had a great time. It was awesome spending time together. I love you baby!

I loved being on vacation and relaxing. Luckily I was with super supportive people because eating was not easy. We spend a great deal of time looking at menus and trying to find places that I could eat. It's amazing how many places do not have anything vegan. Not even salads.  Nothing was delish enough to take pics but I ate plenty of salads, wraps and french fries. My favorite places were Margaritaville and Willy T's which both had vegan burgers. Made ordering so much easier. Not the healthiest but I was happy with easy.

So I've been home for 5 days and it feels like it's been weeks. Vacation can be really spoiling. Sleeping in, drinking coffee in bed, having a casual morning, naps in the afternoons, hanging out with great friends, laying poolside, yummy cocktails.... I could get used to it very quickly. I think LT agrees because he is sitting next to me on his laptop searching for cheap airfares. LOL!

Well that is all I have for today. Good night!


  1. It was a wonderful trip...mainly because of spending it with you guys. And you summed up the trip well. With every detail you give, I'm sitting here agreeing with you. I doubt we'll ever find margaritas like Clark's again. We may have to start making our own. Regarding the food - even Ricky said he was SO sick of fish shacks. Now that's saying something. We need more variety!

    If we all ever go on a trip again in August, how about we go somewhere cooler, not hotter?! Duh! I'm thinking Canada, Seattle, wine country in Oregon?

  2. Oh, that sunset pic is awesome! I agree, we've been back from a work trip for 2 wks now, but the mere fact were weren't at our house is spoiling :D

    How is that neon yellow looks good on you? :D

    So glad you had a great time. God Bless.