Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Asheville, NC - My future snow bird home!

What a great weekend! I should have posted last night but I had volleyball and I was wiped from getting home late on Monday.

VBall Update
July 27 - played against GatorNoleCats (again)
Lost all 3 (again)

That's ok. It's still a lot of fun!! =)

Asheville was Awesome! The food was even better! And don't forget the local brew... Yum!

From the beginning...

Here is us on our way out the door early Saturday morning. We are super excited!

We just boarded the plane. See my hair?? That's due to the lovely humidity. Aveda hairspray does not work!

Our car rental. Zoom Zoom Zoom. LT, who is over 6'2" was super cramped driving this car. I offered to drive... not sure why he wouldn't let me drive. LOL!

We had about an hour drive to the hotel. This pic does not do the beautiful scenery any justice. You can't see it in the picture but above the trees were several different shades of blue mountains.

We made it!

First stop... The Laughing Seed! Yay! I've been dying to try this place. Tons of Vegan and Vegetarian options.

We ordered...

Pakoras of the Day. One was Califlower-Onion and the other was Chard-Squash. The sauce is a spicy Punjubi chutney.

Smokin'Split Pea Soup.

Montford Sammie ~ Mock chicken salad sandwich with roasted local tempeh, Vegenaise, spice on toasted focaccia bread. Served with jalepeno onion fries. Deee -lish!

Omega Hempnut Burger with a side of vegan pasta salad. This was sooo yummy but it upset both of our tummies. I blame the Fiber.

We both ordered a beer from their brew. Mine was the Wheat (shown) and LT ordered a dark beer. It was the perfect way to wash down a perfect lunch.

I promise I didn't take this many pics of every meal. I was just super excited and a little camera happy.

Well I have to leave to go to "Game Night" at our lovely friends, Lory and Nic's house.

I will finish our Ashevile trip on the next post.


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  1. Its like watching a show that says "to be continued"! Make sure you finish the story!

    Great pics... you both are all smiles :)

    Love your dress... its adorable and the food at the Laughing Seed looks so good, yum!

    Glad you had a great time, LT is the MAN for planning this one :)