Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Taking Pics while cooking is harder than it looks.

Good afternoon! Man! What a long boring day. Work is really slow right now because all of the snow birds go north for the summer. I love the shorter work hours but honestly being bored at work is almost worst.

After work I had several errands to run. I went by Richards Whole Foods to get some more Tofuti cream cheese, Veganaise, Chia seeds and Amazing Grass Chocolate Powder. I've been reading and saw an amazing looking breakfast called VOO (vegan overnight oats), which calls for the Amazing Grass Powder and Chia seeds. I'll tell you more about that later. After Richards' I planned on going to Publix to get the rest of my groceries but I decided to check out this Farmers Market behind a strip mall in town. I've been meaning to go there forever but I always assumed it was going to be lame. I was so wrong. It was the coolest place ever. Tons of veggies and Fruit at low prices and it's open everyday. So glad I went there! I got a huge cucumber, 2 zucchinis, 2 heads of Romain, large container of baby spinach, bag of salad peppers, baby portabellas, bag of sweet onions, 3 lb bag of red potatoes, 5 corn on the cob, vegetable broth mix, and dried bay leaves all for only $14. Couldn't believe it. Unfortunately I still had to run by the grocery.

Tonight's dinner was interesting. I bought one of those Gardein packages (tuscan breast) and it was a freaky looking chicken shaped slimy thing. Taste much better that it looks, at first. LOL!

I had a little bit of basil left in the fridge so I had to get some more from the garden. The basil on the right is my basil (courtesy of LT's mom when she was in town, Thanks Jenny!) and the basil on the left is from the store. Mine's prettier, don't you think?

I sliced up the baby bells and sauteed them with some leftover eggplant and baby spinach.

Using my grill pan, I grilled up the polenta and "chicken."

Like what I did with the basi and the polenta? I do. Yum!

Here is everything plated up. It was not my best meal I ever made but I know what I would do different next time.

~Less balsamic vinager in the sauteed veggies.
~More seasoning on the "chicken" and polenta.

Here is a 2nd batch of polenta for LT. I'm glad he liked it enough to ask for seconds.

Here is the VOO. So you mix 1/2 c oats, 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup Amaziing Grass Chocolate Powder and 1 T chia seeds. It goes in the fridge overnight. I plan on eating it with a banana soft serve in the morning. Angela with does this and it looks so yummy. I will let you know tomorrow.

I'm full now. Kinda wishing for a nice glass of wine. Hmm... that's a good idea. Gotta go. =)

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  1. What a great find in the Farmers Market... I will want to go see it when I come to visit!

    Your polenta looks so good, I need to learn to make it but have no clue. Of course I love all veggies but your mushrooms, spinach, and eggplant looks amazing, a must try for me!