Monday, July 19, 2010

So much to talk about...

The past few days have been a lot of fun!!

Thursday Night

LT and I started the weekend a little early by going to Simon's Coffee House. I have not had many things "raw" but I've ordered the raw special both times I've been there and it was very yummy!

Raw Lasagna. YUM! Tangerine Beer. YUM!

It was so creamy and yummy. Reminded me of creamy alfredo pasta (Before Vegan) the next day straight from the fridge. Mmmm.... my fav.

LT liked it too. I think he secretly wanted to trade. ;) He ordered the Veggie burger. It looked really good but I didn't try it because unfortunately it was made with egg.

If you live around here, I totally recommend going there. It's a nice atmosphere with a variety of things to order. My only complaint is they don't have more choices that are vegan.

Friday Night

A nice low key night. We picked up Luke for the weekend. Our tradition is for us all (3 humans, 4 dogs... well the 2 big dogs aren't allowed to be on the couch) to pile up on the love seat and watch a marathon of "Home Funniest Videos," as Luke says.


It was a really hot summer day. Way too hot to go to the beach. Instead we decided to take Luke to BounceU.

Here he is....

Having tons of fun....

Never slowing down...

For 2 full hours.

I was exhausted watching him. He had a blast and that's all that matters!

For dinner we met Ricky, Ang and my sis Hayley at Daruma Japanese Steak and Sushi. Luckily they let me make my own roll.

My Creation. I would call it... Spicy Vegan Roll. I know, I know.... Sooooo original, right? Oh well. Inside was Jalepenos, scallions, and tempura portabello mushrooms. Avacado, sesame seeds and sirachi sauce on top. PERFECT! I wish it would not be totally rude to bring my vegan spicy mayo. I could be like... "Here! Make me a vegan volcano roll please." Blink... Smile.... Blink. LOL. I crack myself up.

We sat at the Hibachi table which is entertaining for meat eaters. I enjoyed watching Luke's reaction.

Toothless smile.. adorable. Ignore the stain on LT's shirt. I suggested that shirt move to the "around the house" pile. Love you babe!

Can you believe he knows how to use chopsticks? Cheaters or not. I'm impressed.


Church service was amazing as always. Very uplifting. The series right now is about Losing your religion. Basically saying, it's not all the rules and guidelines of religion that matters. All that matters is that Jesus is your focal point, your #1, your everything. Live you life for Jesus. I love leaving church with happy buzz.

We went to Whole Foods for lunch. The choices for vegans are awesome! I love that you don't feel like you have to modify, ask a million questions about ingredients or eat lettuce. There are choices! Yay! I had too much food to mention. I might sound like a pigglet.

The rest of the day was spent at Ricky and Ang's pool.

The boy's swam. Left to right; Ricky, Luke, LT. Looking good babe! Ang sun-baked while Hayley and I decided staying in the shade would be the best choice for us.

Hayley! =)


I didn't get up and walk/jog like I planned to. I think my exact words to LT were "I'd rather sleep than look good in a bathing suit." I'm really starting to relate to the quote: "I've never regretted going for a run but I have regretted skipping one." - Chris Beck. Thats ok because I am going to get up at 5:15 am tomorrow morning. I told LT to literally use his foot to push me out of bed if he has to.

Work was busy. Every Monday I go to the Power Networking Lunch of Venice. It's been a learning experience, for sure. There are a lot of good people in the group. I am pretty shy in large groups but each week I get to know more people. Worst part about the group is they don't cater to Vegans. Every week I order the salad with no meat, cheese, dressing, crutons, basically all I can have is lettuce and cucumber, please. Thanks! Starving after $15 lunches are no fun. Oh well. Once a week will not kill me.

Dinner was pretty good. I spruced up the leftover potato soup with some great northern beans and spinach served along side a pesto and tomato salad. I really like my home made pesto.

Soup with a dollop of pesto and tomato/pesto salad.

Well now that I am done with the worlds longest blog, I'll make a mental note to update more often.

Good night.

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